Very Slow Marathons

About half the movies we watch are part of some sort of themed marathon (but they’re not really marathons, because they’re Very Slow). The idea is to have either a 26-movie full marathon or a 13-movie half marathon, watched over the course of a month or three.

past marathons:
Bad Horror Movies (wrap-up)
The IMDb’s Top 63 (wrap-up, in 20 installments)
Lynn’s Druthers (wrap-up)
2010 Leftovers

present marathons:
Audrey Hepburn
Ebert’s Great Movies, part I

future marathons:
– 1970s Science Fiction
– Sidney Lumet
– I’ll use the comments on this page to list ideas for future Very Slow Marathons. If you’ve got any ideas for us, please do the same.


5 Responses to Very Slow Marathons

  1. Daniel says:

    future VSM ideas:
    – Ebert’s Great Movies
    – Oscar nominees from X year
    – Oscar nominees in X category
    – Audrey Hepburn
    – Jimmy Stewart
    – Woody Allen
    – classic sci-fi
    – classic adventure
    – classic horror
    – Sidney Lumet
    – M.A.S.H.
    – Battlestar Galactica
    – Marylin Monroe
    – Billy Wilder
    – Harold Lloyd
    – Buster Keaton
    – Errol Flynn
    – William Powell
    – Disney
    – The Marx Brothers
    – Hitchcock
    – Henry Fonda
    – Powell & Pressburger
    – Marlon Brando
    – Star Trek
    – Orson Welles
    – documentaries
    – the rat pack
    – Mel Brooks
    – Jim Henson
    – Terry Gilliam
    – pre-2000s super heroes

  2. Daniel says:

    – Spike Lee
    – John Carpenter

  3. Daniel says:

    – Metacritic’s all-time high scores

  4. Daniel says:

    – stand-up comedy

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