My wife and I watch a lot of movies. Enough that I felt the need to make a dedicated blog for keeping track of them and what I thought of them. When we see a movie (or watch a complete season/set of a TV show), I make a post about it.


For every title I post, I include a “subjective” and “objective” rating. I should explain exactly what I mean by that.

Subjective ratings are just how much I enjoyed the movie, using the following scale:
10/10 = Favorite of my favorites
9/10 = One of my favorites
8/10 = Great
7/10 = Good
6/10 = Okay
5/10 = Indifferent
4/10 = Eh
3/10 = Bad
2/10 = Terrible
1/10 = Eew get it away!

Objective ratings are calculated by giving a score of “great” (4), “good” (3), “indifferent” (2), “bad” (1) or “terrible” (0) for each of the following aspects:
– concept
– story
– characters
– dialog
– pacing
– cinematography
– special effects/design
– acting
– music
– subjective rating [oh no it’s recursive!]
and averaging them for a score out of 4. It’s not really all that objective, but it comes up with different ratings than the subjective scale. Both types of ratings represent a different sense of “what I thought of the movie.”

Objective ratings have gone through some changes over time as I figured out the best way to do them, which is why if you look through old posts you’ll likely see some confusion and/or crossed-out bits.


5 Responses to About

  1. cello85 says:

    yo i like the short form format you have going on here. Great movie blog, I have one as well so its always good to hook up with like minded individuals. Good luck!

  2. adambatty says:

    Nice work, im doing a similiar thing too, albeit in a longform manner. i have put each film into a list of preference too, and having started last october hit 200 films this month.

  3. adambatty says:

    hey daniel, sorry i only just realised you replied to my comment! my address is hopelies.com . its wordpress too, alas i only just moved over from blogspot so brought my own address.

  4. reeltoreel says:

    I really like your format here. It’s great to find someone else that loves movies as much as I do. I’ll definitely be checking back here to get your take on movies.

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