everything from the year 1988 that I’ve seen recently enough to have blogged, sorted by subjective rating (objective rating in parentheses):

– My Neighbor Totoro (3.3/4)
– The Last Temptation of Christ (3.1/4)

– The Cosby Show: Season Four [tv] (3.3/4)

Star Trek: “The Cage” [tv] (3.0/4)
– Rain Man (3.1/4)
– Die Hard (2.0/4)
Red Dwarf: Series One [tv] (2.3/4)
The Return of Sherlock Holmes: Season Two [tv] (3.1/4)

Big (2.0/4)
Cinema Paradiso (2.6/4)
Red Dwarf: Series Two [tv] (2.0/4)

Doctor Who: “Silver Nemesis” [tv] (1.9/4)
The Dead Pool (1.6/4)

Grave of the Fireflies (2.9/4)

See also:
1987, for
Wings of Desire
1989, for
– The Cosby Show: Season Five [tv]

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