The Thin Man

Title: The Thin Man
Year: 1934
Length: 91 minutes
Director: W.S. Van Dyke
Writers: Albert Hackett & Frances Goodrich, based on the novel by Dashiell Hammett
Starring: William Powell, Myrna Loy
With: Maureen O’Sullivan, Nat Pendleton, Minna Gombell, Porter Hall, Henry Wadsworth, William Henry, Harold Huber, Cesar Romero, Natalie Moorhead, Edward Brophy, Edward Ellis, Cyril Thornton
Music: William Axt
Cinematography: James Wong Howe
Editing: Robert Kern
Oscars: nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Actor (Powell)
I saw it: on video (rented from Netflix), a couple days ago
Synopsis: wise-cracking alcoholics solve a mystery

My reaction
Concept:4/4 (Great)
Story:3/4 (Good)
Characters:4/4 (Great)
Dialog:4/4 (Great)
Pacing:3/4 (Good)
Cinematography:2/4 (Indifferent)
Special effects/design:3/4 (Good)
Acting:3/4 (Good) I’ve got to take a point off for some awfulness from minor supporting characters.
Music:3/4 (Good)
Subjective Rating: 7/10 (Good, 3/4 (Good)). I should have loved it. I loved the book, and Powell and Loy are just as perfect as Nick and Nora as everyone says they are. But those two – both the actors and the characters – are really all that make this exceptional, and there is a frustrating lot of movie in which they’re not around (every bit of which is superfluous, since the book is written from Nick’s perspective).
Objective Rating (Average):3.2/4 (Very good)


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