2010 Leftovers Marathon, part 8 of 13

Title: Marwencol
Year: 2010
Length: 83 minutes
Director: Jeff Malmberg
Starring: Mark Hogancamp
Music: Ash Black Bufflo (mostly non-original music)
Editing: Jeff Malmberg
I saw it: on video (rented from Netflix), yesterday
Synopsis: a brain-damaged man creates a fantasy world with dolls

My reaction
Concept:3/4 (Good)
Story:3/4 (Good)
Characters:3/4 (Good)
Dialog:3/4 (Good)
Pacing:2/4 (Indifferent) It drags for a little while in the middle, when you’re not sure if the movie is going anywhere.
Cinematography:3/4 (Good)
Special effects/design:4/4 (Great) I’m giving points here and in the cinematography category for Hogancamp’s work. Malmberg didn’t do anything visual.
Acting: n/a
Music:3/4 (Good)
Subjective Rating: 7/10 (Good, 3/4 (Good)). Fascinating. Not well made on the technical side, but the story is told well, and it’s a story worth telling.
Objective Rating (Average):3/4 (Good)


2 Responses to Marwencol

  1. Anonymous says:

    What does mostly non-original music mean?

    • Daniel says:

      That’s my short-hand for saying that, in addition to the original score, a significant amount of the music is made up of pre-existing recordings. In this case, popular songs from the 1940s are used, and the original score has a relatively smaller role.

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