Doctor Who #85: The Seeds of Doom

Title: Doctor Who“The Seeds of Doom”
Year: 1976
Network: BBC
Episodes: 6, at 25 minutes each; the last story (of six) from season thirteen
Creators: Sydney Newman, C.E. Webber, Donald Wilson
Director: Douglas Camfield
Writers: Robert Banks Stewart
Starring: Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen
Music: Ron Grainer (theme); Geoffrey Burgon
I saw it: on video (rented from Netflix), over the past couple days
Synopsis: evil plant monster from outer space

My reaction
Concept:2/4 (Indifferent)
Story:2/4 (Indifferent) Not bad for a story about an evil plant monster from outer space.
Characters:2/4 (Indifferent) Two characters are kind of nice – a mad villain, and an excitable old lady – but that’s all.
Dialog:3/4 (Good)
Pacing:3/4 (Good) Six episodes of a plot that’s been done a million times, but still not too tedious.
Cinematography:2/4 (Indifferent)
Special effects/design:2/4 (Indifferent) Some of it’s quite good, some is terrible.
Acting:2/4 (Indifferent)
Music:3/4 (Good) An unusual style for the show. Also, there’s a cute bit where the mad villain forces his captives to listen to his awful electronic music – maybe a deliberate commentary on the show’s typical scores?
Subjective Rating: 6/10 (Okay, 2/4 (Indifferent)). I’ve got no complaints, but it’s nothing special.
Objective Rating (Average):2.3/4 (Okay)


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