Fantômas in the Shadow of the Guillotine

Title: Fantômas: À l’ombre de la guillotine
Year: 1913
Length: 54 minutes
Director: Louis Feuillade
Writer: Louis Feuillade, based on the novel by Marcel Allain & Pierre Souvestre
Starring: René Navarre, Edmund Breon, Georges Melchior, Renée Carl
Music: stock music (Kino DVD)
I saw it: on video (rented from Greencine), yesterday
Synopsis: an infamous criminal evades the police

My reaction
Concept:3/4 (Good)
Story:1/4 (Bad) Action movies had stupid plots even in 1913.
Characters:1/4 (Bad)
Dialog:1/4 (Bad) The titles tend to focus more on describing the plot than dialog.
Pacing:2/4 (Indifferent)
Cinematography:1/4 (Bad) It’s mostly just static shots, like it’s a stage show with a camera where the audience goes.
Special effects/design:3/4 (Good)
Acting:2/4 (Indifferent)
Music:3/4 (Good) A bit too eclectic maybe, but well done.
Subjective Rating: 6/10 (Okay, 2/4 (Indifferent)). It’s dumb by modern standards, but for 1913, I’m pleasantly surprised. Enjoyable to watch, not just something to appreciate for its historical value. And the restoration and DVD are extremely well done. (Hooray for Geencine for not hating silent films like Netflix does!)
Objective Rating (Average):1.9/4 (Eh)


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