Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Title: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Year: 1989
Length: 90 minutes
Director: Stephen Herek
Writers: Chris Matheson & Ed Solomon
Starring: Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter
Music: David Newman (but mostly non-original music)
How I saw it: on video many times (have on DVD), most recently yesterday
Synopsis: two idiots travel through time in order to pass their high school history class

My reaction
Concept:4.0/4 (Great)
Story:2.0/4 (Indifferent)
Characters:1.0/4 (Bad)
Dialog:3.0/4 (Good)
Pacing:3.0/4 (Good)
Cinematography:2.0/4 (Indifferent)
Special effects/design:2.0/4 (Indifferent)
Acting:2.0/4 (Indifferent)
Music:2.0/4 (Indifferent) There’s a lot of bad music, but it’s exactly what it should be.
Subjective Rating: 8/10 (Great, 4.0/4 (Great)). Wonderfully stupid and absurd.
Objective Rating (Average):2.5/4 (Okay)


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