Fangs of the Living Dead

part 11 of the Bad Horror Marathon

Title: Malenka
Year: 1969
Length: 88 minutes
Director: Amando de Ossorio
Writer: Amando de Ossorio
Starring: Anita Ekberg, Gianni Medici, Julián Ugarte
Music: Carlo Savina

My reaction
Synopsis: a woman discovers her ancestors are vampires
How I saw it: on video, yesterday (have on DVD)
Concept: Indifferent.
Story: Terrible.
Characters: Indifferent.
Dialog: Terrible.
Pacing: Bad.
Cinematography: Terrible.
Special effects/design: Bad.
Acting: Terrible. The dubbing for the heroic lead sounds almost exactly like Dug from Up. Kind of hilarious.
Music: Indifferent.
Subjective Rating: 2/10 (Terrible). The degree to which this movie doesn’t make any sense, due mostly to sloppy continuity, is remarkable.
Objective Rating: 0.8/4 (Very bad).


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